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What information we collect?

We collect information when you register on our Blog Site, How collect information? For Example:When registering on our Blog Site, Subscribe to email, Fill up from to comment on the site.However, when you visit our Blog site and registering on our Blog site, you may face to such a questions,

➷Enter your Name,

Give your e-mail Address,

Sometimes ask, your website or URL (If you have)After complete registration, you may visit our Blog site freely.

Cookies Services:

We ( also collect cookies information if you use our any services, we may collect, If you access our website, Apps and other services,,,,

Your Browser or Different operating Systems, This information we automatically collect and store when you access our Blog site, Included information The type of device (Mobile’’’ Androids, iPhone, iPod and more’’ Widows operating, mac Book, and also another operating system) and your ISP (Internet service Providers)
Your IP address (Internet Protocol)
What content you visited on our Blog Site.

DoubleClick DART Cookies Services:

Google, as a 3rd party vendor, uses cookies to serve Google Absence on Habib Edu Blog.Google use of the cookies by visiting Google ads on visit this (Habib Edu Blog.) Blog Site and also another website (Hosted/ Non-hosted) on the Internet.Users may opt out the use of DART cookie by visit the Google ads services and content privacy policy. You also visit the following Link: Click here

Some of our Advertising partners may use cookies on our Habib Edu Blog. Blog site. Our advertising partners Google Adsense.3rd parties ads services or ads networks use to Advertisements and links that show on Habib Edu Blog. and send on your uses browsers. They automatically collect your Browser information, Your IP address, and cookies.

We have no access to or control over cookies that are used by 3rd party advertising services.

We (Habib Edu Blog.) do not sell or trade other parties your personal information. Because we respect and careful in this matter.We protect your personal information when you register on our Blog Site. including your email and also other information submitted.

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We may up to date our Privacy policy when we need. But if you’re any question of our Privacy Policy or upgrade our privacy policy. Please send to email or Fill the contact form and send. Or Click here.

Last Modified: 24 July 2017. 

Modified by Admin: M A AHASAN HABIB
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