Thursday, July 13, 2017

Better Reign in Hell than Serve in Haven

Everybody wants freedom but when someone gets all the needs of life by way of serving another he misses the taste of freedom. He gradually turns into the slave of his boss or master. He does not think of his own freedom at that time rather thinks of the facilities given by his master. He is then used as a doll of his master’s hand. He can not do anything according to his will. On the contrary, a man who lives a free life getting fewer facilities of life is happier than the subservient rich one. In this context we can refer to the poem ‘’ The Happiness of Freedom’’ written by Rajanikanta Sen. In the poem, the poet compared the life of a sparrow that lives in the brick-built house and thus safe from sun, rain and storm and the life of a tailor bird that lives in his own made house facing the sun, rain and storm. When the sparrow   talks of its facilities in the building and the sufferings of the tailor bird in its nest, the tailor bird replies that it suffers in its own house. It is her pride that she lives in her own house. But the sparrow lives in other’s house and the owner of the house may get her out anytime. So it is better to live free getting some pain than to live comfortable depending on others mercy.