Sunday, July 9, 2017

An Unwelcome Guest Short Class Free Paragraph

The guest whom we do not expect in our houses or residence at a certain period of time is considered as an unwelcome guest. His presence or visit makes his lost unsettled and disturbed though it is not expressed through words or actions. In our everyday life, we have the guest on many occasions. Sometimes we invite them sometimes they come willingly without any invitation. Some of them are our relatives and some of them are our friends. We welcome our guests and enjoy their company. They provide amusements for us. Sometimes we cannot welcome our guest because we do not expect him or his/her presence is not solicited. He is always unwelcome because his or her company makes us unpleasant. Outwardly we greet the guest and try to maintain etiquette but we have a detest feeling. I have many experiences of having unwelcome guests in our house. Just before the day of my HSC examination, I had to encounter such an unwelcome guest in our house. All the members of my family become astonished to see the idiocy of the guest as he knows the date of my examination. We had not extra room for any guest. So we accommodated the guest to my room. He disturbed me in many ways. Several times he tired of talking to me. Sometimes he received the call on his mobile phone and sometimes himself made the call to others. Finding to no alternative I was forced to urge him to keep silent and switch of the mobile phone and let me read attentively. I know the guest got hurt but I was undone. A guest should be reasonable and thoughtful before making visit otherwise he might be a burden to the host and might face an odd situation. The host can neither ignore an unwelcome guest nor pay his due respect.