Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Journey by Boat Free Essay / Composition.

Introduction: toady man is very much preoccupied. He does not find a moment to spend to see and enjoy the sights and beauties of nature. Life has become dull, mechanized and barren for want of recreation. We should manage time to get relief from routine bound life and monotonous work and a journey by boat can serve this purpose to some extent. Bangladesh is a land of rivers. So it is easy to make a journey by boat. A journey by boat is interesting and pleasant. Whenever I get an opportunity to make a journey by boat, I make the best use of the opportunity.

Occasion: the journey is always a pleasure to me. Whenever I go on a journey, my heart leaps up with joy. But my greatest pleasure is in a journey by boat. A few days ago, I made a journey by boat from Mongla to Paikgacha. Our school was closed on the occasion of the autumn vacation.

The journey: we have four in number. All of us were of the same age. We hired a boat the previous day. It was a big boat. The boatman and the oarsmen were very nice people. We had our breakfast early in the morning. We started at it was a bright sunny morning. The sky was clear and the weather was fine. The river was calm. It was full to the brim. The rays of the morning sun fell on the river and the water looked like pearls. Our boatman rowed for a while and then set sail. The boat began to move smoothly. There were small waves in the river. Every wave that dashed against our boat increased our thrill and joy. The small wave also made murmuring sounds. We enjoyed the scenes on both sides of the river. There were a green field, villages, far off paddy fields and jute field, rows of trees which were full of flowers and fruits an all these things charmed our eyes. My other friends were also very happy. They were singing. We saw many boys and girls bathing and swimming in the river. Fishermen were catching fish. Women were seen fetching water in pitchers. We saw boats plying through the river. Birds of various kinds were flying. All these sights cast a magic spell on our minds.

We cooked our lunch. We reached a market at 12 O’clock. The boatman cast anchor. We got down. we bought rice, egg, a big hilsha fish, and sweets. The boatman gave us an oven and fuel. We cooked the food ourselves. We took our meal. The boatman took rest for a while. They raised the anchor.

Sunset and evening scenes: again we started our journey. The boatman tried to reach the destination before sunset. It was late afternoon. The sun was setting.  At the distant horizon, the sun and the water seem to meet together. The shades of evening began to spread over the earth. The stars rose in the sky one after another. We enjoyed the sunset. The boat moved slowly and we reached our destination. It was dark all around.

Conclusion: I always bear the memory of the journey In my heart. It gave me much pleasure. It was one of the most memorable days in my life indeed.