Monday, June 26, 2017

Traffic Jam Paragraph Writting.

A traffic jam means the interruption in the free movement of people and vehicles along roads. It makes movement difficult or impossible. It is a very common sight in our big towns and cities. It occurs chiefly because of violation of traffic rules as well as the narrowness of roads and streets. Yesterday I had to experience a boring traffic jam while I was going to Bangla Bazar from Gulistan by rickshaw. When my rickshaw comes to English Road, it ran into a jam. Hundreds and hundreds of rickshaw, vehicles, transports, hand-barrows, etc. Were seen standing sides by side? It seemed to me that I could not get any chance to get out of from this jam. Different types of vehicles, transports, and people seemed to state at one another standing agape. Their different shapes, colors, and inscriptions gave the impression of novelties under the burning sun. The traffic police along with some vagabond boys tried to break this jam. They were able to bring the normal movement of vehicles and people within an hour and a half. Effective stapes should be taken to get rid of the traffic jam.