Saturday, June 24, 2017

Classification of Noun with Definition and Example.

Classification of Noun:

  1. Proper Noun. 
  2. Common Noun. 
  3. Collective Noun. 
  4. Material Noun.
  5. Abstract Noun.

 Proper Noun:

Definition: The noun by which some particular person or place or thing is meant is called a proper Noun.


Person:  Rony, Sakib, Samir, Samia, Sanzida, Mr. Habib etc.

Thing: The Quran, The Bible, The Agnibina, The Geetanjali, The Janakantha, The Ittefaq, The Titanic, The Banglar Noor, the Titumir Express, The Parbat, The Gonobhaban, The Bangabhaban, The Muslim, The Hindus, Friday, Sunday, January, March etc.

Place: Bangladesh, America, Shuvadda, Maloti Nagar, Sirajganj, Asia, Europe, The Himalayas, The Andis, The Nicobars, The Padma, The Jamuna, The Pacific, The Bay of Bengal etc.

 Common Noun:

Definition: A common noun is one which is common to each member of a class of person or things.


Nazrul is a great poet.
He is a student.
The rose is a nice flower.
She is a beautiful lady.

Person:  Father, mother, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, son, daughter, friend, student, man, woman, girl, boy etc.

Animal: Elephant, tiger, lion, beast, bird, cat, cow, dog, goat, bear, monkey etc.

Thing: Book, pen, chair, table, pencil, door, window, shoe, shirt, lamp, river, pond, sea, canal etc.

 Collective Noun:

Definition: A collective noun is a collection of the person or things considered only one.

Example: Class, team, party, army, navy, jury, committee, flock, fleet etc.

Material Noun:

Definition: A Material Noun which looks at a thing or element as does not mean any part of a number of it.

Example: Rice, wheat, salt, sugar, tea, jute, cotton, silver, copper, tin, iron, gold, bread, butter, oil, ghee, milk, water, soil, sand, meat, paper etc.

Abstract Noun:

Definition: Abstract Noun is that noun which looks at some idea or quality which has no physical existence and cannot be touched, smelt, heard or perceived through the sense but can only be imagined.

Example: Behaviour, civility, courage, dignity, falsehood, honesty, health, justice, kindness, power, politeness, poverty, love, pride, prestige, shame, sleep, dream, truth, lie, cruelty, bravery, growth, birth, death, ugliness, obedience, childhood, friendship, swimming, walking, language, industry, diarrhoea, forgiveness.