Monday, June 26, 2017

Arsenic Pollution/Arsenic Contamination/Arsenic Problem/Arsenicosis Free Paragraph.

Arsenic pollution is one of the dreadful pollutions. Arsenic is a poisonous substance. It is very dangerous to human health. This substance is found in the water of the tube-well. Bangladesh is mainly a large village. Most of our people drink tube-well water. When the presence of arsenic in water is higher than the acceptable quantity, it is called Arsenic pollution. At present, the people of our country are passing their days under the constant fear of this pollution. By drinking arsenic polluted water, people suffer from different kinds of problems, such as, sore on the body, serious skin diseases, and serious stomach troubles. This problem is very serious in North Bengal. Arsenic pollution has been a threat to the life of our people. We should take a serious measure to find out the tube-wells which produce polluted water. This type of tube-well is now identified by coloring red. Public awareness should be raised so that no one can use arsenic contaminated water of tube-well.