Saturday, May 20, 2017

Resignation Letter 02

Suppose , you are a government employee working in an office for a period of two years. Now you have got another job of higher scale. You want to leave this join and want to join in the job you have been selected for. Now write a resignation letter.

The Director,
Directorate of primary education
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Subject: Regarding  resignation letter.

Dear Sir,
With due respect I would like to bring your kind attention for necessary action to the fact that I have been serving in this office for two years as a computer operator.
Now  I have got another job of higher scale in the department of passport and immigration.Now I would like to resign from my service and likely to join there.
Now I request you to accept my resignation letter. With effect from 05.08.14

Sincerely Yours
Md Hossain.