Thursday, May 25, 2017

A letter about requesting him to accompany you to visit a book fair.

Write a letter to your friend requesting him to accompany you to visit a book fair.

January 12 2017

My Dear Tanim,

I have received your letter recently. You will be glad to know that the book fair will be commencing from 1st February in Bangla Academy. Now-a -days this book fair has become very popular. It has created a sense of interest for books amongst the general mass. In this book fair hundreds of pavilions are set up. All sorts of books--fictions, textbooks, dramas, children books, reference books etc. are displayed. There are also food and drinks stalls. A book fair becomes crowdy especially in the evening. Both male and female customers gather a book fair. The writers also visit the fair regularly. Seminars and cultural programmes are also held. This fair reminds us that books are out best companion. They are always at our side when we are in distress. So, come here to visit this book fair.

I hope you will not miss this opportunity. No more today. More when we will be together.

With best wishes