Thursday, October 5, 2017

Write a Letter to the Headmaster to Improve the Quality of Food Served in the School Hostel.

Write a letter to the Headmaster to improve the quality of food served in the school hostel.

6 August 2017
The Headmaster
“M” High School, Dhaka.

Subject: Application for improving the quality of food served in the school hostel.

We, the inmates of the school hostel, beg to draw your kind attention to the fact that the diet supplied in the school hostel is very poor in quality. The rice supplied is smelly and too coarse. The fishes supplied with the meal are sometimes rotten. If we are given egg fries, they use one egg for two persons. And we often mistake ‘dal’ as pure drinking water.  However, we have complained to the Dining Manager many times and we had a meeting with the Manager and the Hostel Super as well regarding all these issues but to no result. It is to be noted that, the price of the meals have been increased. In the meantime, some of the students living in the hostel have become sick owing to the poor quality foods.

Therefore, we hope and pray that you will visit the school hostel within the shortest possible time to investigate the real situation of the dining hall and the diet supplied for us. We also hope that you will give directions to the people concerned so that the food in the hostel is improved and we can continue our study in a safe and sound environment.

Yours obediently
The students of  Habib Hall
“M” High School.