Saturday, December 9, 2017

Civic Sense Short Paragraph

Civic sense or consciousness is necessary for living a peaceful life. A great many people live together in a town. So a good peaceful living demands from the citizen's certain behaviors regarding health, sanitation, law, and order. If a person throws litter on the street, builds a house in such a way that it causes inconvenience to his neighbors or plays music so loudly that it causes disturbances to others, and then living in a city becomes a hellish experience.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing Paragraph / Short Story

It is a proverb that ‘A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing’. Even an ordinary man understands it well. This proverb means that a man who has a little knowledge of a thing is a great danger. He is a quack. He knows very little of a thing. His knowledge is shallow. He does not know all the aspects of a thing. The more one learns, the more one knows. But a little-learned man does not try to learn more.

An Idle Brain is the Devil’s Workshop Paragraph / Short Story

It is a proverb that ‘Work is Worship’. Its truth is admitted by all. It means that a man should be always busy in doing something useful. ‘A busy life is a happy life’ is another proverbial saying. A busy man keeps the worries at bay. In fact, man is a thinking machine. If it is not used properly, it is rusted or damaged.

Anger is Man’s Worst Enemy Or Anger Short Story

Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure and antagonism. It is a psychological state of mind. It is man’s worst enemy. It takes away peace from heart and home. It is anger which brings the man down to the level of the beasts. An angry man is at a loss to decide what to do. When he loses something or fails to do some work, he gets disappointed. Anger instigates him to do some harmful actions.

A Man is Known by The Company He Keeps Short Story

The companions of a man reveal his character. As a social being, a man needs people with whom he can mix and converse freely, exchanging thoughts and ideas, hopes and fears. But a person whose tastes and inclinations are different from ours cannot give us the delight which we expect from friends. So a man naturally seeks the society of those who are like himself their taste and inclination.